About KIOP

"According to my initiary, I`m in a dark television studio on a brown sofa, a 60/40 poly-wool blend by the feel of it, a broadloom weave, treated to resist stains and fading at the center of a dozen stage lights. My hair styled by. My clothes styled by. My jewellery styled by. My autoboigraphy says I`ve never been more joyful and fulfilled in my joy of living life every day to its fullest. The press releases say I`m taping a new television programme, a half an hour evert late night when I´ll take calls from people needing advice. I`ll offer new perspectives. According to the press releases, every so often the show will include a new prediction. A disaster, an earthquake, tidal wave, rain of locusts could be headed you way, so you`d better tune in, just in case."


And KIOP is a person with green eyes and blue ideas about the world and the order and the visual beauty of all the living and unliving.

In co-operation with NIKON